Saturday, December 2, 2006

MINDA CATUR Saturday Night Fever Closed (2nd Dec) 2006

Last night (Saturday night, 2nd December 2006), Minda Catur Enterprise organized a closed tournament at UNITEN food court, in front of Restoren Asam Pedas. 6 participants played in the tournament including a special invited player from Sabah, Abdul Azizi Shukor. Other players are Mohd Saprin Sabri, Shamsol Bahrin, Shamsuddin Mat Isa, Alijeanda Ober and Mohd Ismail.

The entry fee for this tournament is free. All players were given a botlle of mineral water and the top 3 winners in the tournament won a pair of sunshield sponsored by The tournament runned with double round robin and blitz 5 minutes and follows blitz rules (example: Illegal move – lose). The game started late from the schedule, at 11.30pm and finished around 1.45am. The 1st place won by Mohd Saprin Sabri, 2-3rd places winner were Shamsol Bahrin and Shamsuddin Mat Isa. The 4-6th places winner were Abdul Aziz Shukor, Mohd Ismail and Alijeanda Ober.

Top 3 winner get a pair of sunshield. Sponsored by

Free mineral water during the tournament which also sponsored by

1st prize winner: Mohd Saprin Sabri

2-3 places: Shamsol Bahrin

2-3 places: Shamsuddin Mat Isa

Happy ending. All players smile and happy with the tournament. From left: Mohd Ismail (Max), Samsol Bahrin, Mohd Saprin, Abdul Aziz and Alijeanda Ober.