Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Round 3 (22nd January 2008)

Round 3 pairing

Round 2 (afternoon 21st January 2008)

Round 2 (afternoon 21st January 2008)

ASEAN Para Games – WOMEN (Visual Impact, VI)

No. White – Black (Result)
1. Chan, M - Nguyen, Hong Chan (0-1)
2. Trieu, Thu Thuy - Mohamed Halil, N (0-1)
3. Mohamed Yusof, N - Mukri, M (0-1)
4 Mursi, N (Bye)

ASEAN Para Games – MEN (Visual Impact, VI)

No. White – Black (Result)
1. Sarmiento, R - Peligro, A (1/2-1/2)
2. Derani Ghani, M - Suryanto, E (0-1)
3. Choo, M - Yong, T (1-0)
4. Sosiawan,D - Bilog, C (1-0)
5. Pham, L - Danggat, M (1-0)
6. Ching, F - Sidek, S (1-0)
7. Omar. M - Hung, M (1-0)
8. Tray, R (bye)

ASEAN Para Games – MEN (Physical Handicap, PH)

No. White - Black
1. Severino, S - Abdul Rashid , H (1-0)
2. Chuah, H - Lopez, H (0-1)
3. Elinon, A - Yusop, M (1-0)
4. Tran, Tri Trinh - Mailig, J (0-1)
5. Ho, H - Boonsong, P (0-1)
6. Lee, E - Haji Noorkaseh (1-0)
7. Hidayat, T - Thassanamethin, M (1-0)
8. Vo, Thanh Hui (bye)

Pictures in round 2

Monday, January 21, 2008

Round 1 (21st January 2008).

A brief opening ceremony was held before the start of Round 1, followed by local dance of North Thailand. And then round 1 starts.

ASEAN Para Games – WOMEN (Visual Impact, VI)

1. Chan, M MAS
2. Mohamed Halil, N MAS
3. Mohamed Yusof, N MAS
4. Mukri, M MAS
5. Mursi, N INA
6. Nguyen, Hong Chan VIE
7. Trieu, Thu Thuy VIE

No. White - Black
1. Mukri, M - Chan, M
2. Mohamed Halil, N - Mursi, N
3. Nguyen, Hong Chan - Mohamed Yusof, N
4 Trieu, Thu Thuy (Bye)

ASEAN Para Games – MEN (Physical Handicap, PH)

1. Severino, S 2350 PHI
2. Lopez, H 0 PHI
3. Elinon, A 0 PHI
4. Mailig, J 0 PHI
5. Abdul Rashid , H 0 MAS
6. Boonsong, P 0 THA
7. Chuah, H MAS
8. Haji Noorkaseh BRU
9. Hidayat, T INA
10. Ho, H MAS
11. Lee, E INA
12. Thassanamethin, M THA
13. Tran, Tri Trinh VIE
14. Vo, Thanh Hui VIE
15. Yusop, M MAS

No. White - Black
1. Haji Noorkaseh - Severino, S
2. Lopez, H - Hidayat, T
3. Ho, H - Elinon, A
4. Mailig, J - Lee, E
5. Thassanamethin, M - Abdul Rashid , H
6. Boonsong, P - Tran, Tri Trinh
7. Vo, Thanh Hui VIE - Chuah, H
8. Yusop, M (bye)

ASEAN Para Games – MEN (Visual Impact, VI)

1. Sarmiento, R PHI
2. Suryanto, E INA
3. Ching, F PHI
4. Bilog, C PHI
5. Choo, M MAS
6. Danggat, M BRU
7. Derani Ghani, M MAS
8. Hung, M VIE
9. Omar. M MAS
10. Peligro, A PHI
11. Pham, L VIE
12. Sidek, S MAS
13. Sosiawan,D INA
14. Tray, R SIN
15. Yong, T SIN

No. White - Black
1. Hung, M - Sarmiento, R
2. Suryanto, E - Omar. M
3. Peligro, A - Ching, F
4. Bilog, C - Pham, L
5. Sidek, S - Choo, M
6. Danggat, M - Sosiawan,D
7. Tray, R - Derani Ghani, M
8. Yong, T (bye)

Interesting Pictures

Opening Ceremony of 4th ASEAN Para Games at Khorat, Thailand 2008

20th January 2008 (Sunday)

The opening ceremony starts today in the afternoon at 3 pm. by a speech from sports minister of Thailand. The malaysian contingent had sent 286 peoples including athletes, coaches and officers. I hope readers will enjoy the pictures below which taken during opening ceremony.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcoming and Flag Raising Ceremony

19th January 2008 (Saturday).

There's not much activity today. Some of the athletes completing their classification test for their sports and some of them are training to familiarize themselves with the climate. Chess athletes also making preparation to play against their opponents. All coaches are busy preparing players physically and psychologically before the tournament starts.

In the afternoon, about 3.00 pm, the welcoming and flag raising ceremony was being held at the International Square. The International Square situated across the road in front of dining hall. Afterwards all athletes, coaches and officers were served with Thai traditional food. All of it is halal food. I really enjoy the food with all of them.

Around 6.00 pm, there were traditional cultural shows at the International Square. I took a break to return my room, after a tiring afternoon, subsequent to which, unfortunately, no pictures were taken.

Pictures of the day

Chief coach, Mr. Abdul Latif in morning exercises and motivation speech.

Another angle of picture taken by chess coach cum photographer.

Dining hall was so wide and so comfortable.

Group picture with the Director General of Malaysian Sports Council, Datuk Zulkiples Embong

Marching band for flag raising ceremony

Friday, January 18, 2008

4th ASEAN Para Games

Sa-wat-dee-ka! One of famous greeting in Thailand. It means hello. Now, everyday I have to use the word to greet people. I’m in Korat, Thailand from 17th to 27th January 2008 representing Malaysia as a coach from Malaysian Chess team. I’ll introduce all the manager, chief coach, coaches and the players later. The 4th ASEAN Para Games will be held in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand from 20th-26th January 2008. (For official web please go to http://www.2007paragames.com/eng/Home/tabid/91/Default.aspx )
The only place in the world where birds playing chess!! A nice logo.

The ASEAN Para Games is a biannual multi-sport event for atheletes with physical disabilities held after every Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). Participants in the Games are the member of Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN). The ASEAN Para Games is under the regulation of the ASEAN Para Sports federation (APSF). The games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.



The emblem of ASEAN Para Games is inspired by Chumpol Gate, a precious historical place of Nakhom Ratchasima.

On the emblem is the image of Chumpol Gate which stands for victories. It also represents the exquisite and delicate Thai arts and cultures. The curvy blue and red lines represent flags leading the atheletes who are marching into the stadium with eager and happiness. The lines, however, imply the base of Chumpol Gate also.

The logo of ASEAN Para Sports Federation is placed in the center of the emblem. It represents the participants who come from many different countries with the same ambition of friendship.

Mascot of the 4th ASEAN Para Games:

Nok-Kao Karom, one of the symbol of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, is selected to be the mascot of the 4th ASEAN Para Games. KAROM represents the main theme. Smart, wise, cheerful, vibrant, talkative, gentle, and friendly are Karom’s personality.

17th January 2008

We depart from Putrajaya to KLIA at 9 am. Around 11.15 we reach the KLIA and check in the luggage, then at 12.30 noon flight check in. Around 3 pm arrive at Bangkok airport, and move to Khorat. Lastly after a small accident by one of the bus from the malaysian contingent, and stopped almost half an hour we managed to arrive at atheletes’ village, Suranaree University around 12.00 mid night. What a tiring journey! Malaysia Boleh!

18th January 2008

Breakfast around 7.00 a.m, 9.30 a.m all players, coaches and manager go to classification center to define the disability of an athlete and classify their category. After the classification check, we tak e a rest and at 1.30 p.m go to lunch/break . 2.30 p.m is a free time. Some of players use to sleep, washing clothes and training chess. 5.30 p.m some of players went out to Khorat town (bigger than Alor Setar, Kedah). 7.00 p.m everybody at hostel and we meet each other at dining hall. 8.30 p.m training session.

Pictures of Malaysia ASEAN Para Games Chess Team to Khorat, Thailand 2008.

Chess team to ASEAN para Games, Khorat Thailand.
Standing from left:
Min Wang, Mahathir, Mai Lam, Norain, Feiqha, Moiera, Heng Meng, Hasidin, M. Fadli, Cikgu Kelana, Shaharuddin, Cikgu Shamsuddin.
Sitting from left: Cikgu Asmah, Mah Hassan, Dato' Aminah, Latiff, Hea King, Hashim

A picture of lovely couple. Dato Aminah (Team manager) and Mr latiff ( Chief Coach).

The first meeting conducted when we arrive at khorat at midnight. I feel so tired. Everybody is the same, all tired.

A welcome from Suranaree University of Technology where ASEAN Para Games take place.

Athlete hostel. 3 person in a room. Comfortable and for the time being I never heard any complaint yet from others.

Malaysian contingent dress schedule.

The 2nd day, 18th january is classification day for chess players. The last day of clarification is on 19th january. Luckily all chess players pass the clarification.

Selling cookies. I don't try it because not sure either halal or non-halal. It seem delicious.

And here a stall selling banana (pisang bakar). The smell was so nice.

Day getting dark. We are still trapping at town. It's quite hard to find taxi back to athlete hostel.