Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rapid Chess-Sumbangan dari En. Shamsuddin Mat Isa

Tengok la betapa serius nya Saprin bila bermain catur....vs Fariz; Di sebelah kanan nya kelihatan salah seorang jaguh catur tanahair En.SM a.k.a StoneMaster sedang beraksi menentang Saifuddeen Nik Pa yang tak kurang hebatnya bila berada di atas papan catur...a motivational traits contributed by Mr Shamsuddin Mat Isa.Terima kasih En. Shamsuddin!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Adoiiii -Courtesy of Mr Mohd Fairin Zakaria of Petak64

Sometimes, chess can also be fun, not just a stressful game.Thanks Fairin for this spontaneous clipping.Keep up those good effort.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

IM Mas Hafizul Hilmi wins PCMM Open 2007

IM Mas Hafizul Hilmi won the PCMM Open 2007 6.5 out of 7. It was an easy win for him who started the event with 5 wins in the 5 rounds before Zarul Shazwan manage to hold him to a draw in round 6. In the last round the IM needs only a draw to win the 1st place, he secured first place with a decisive last-round victory over 2nd tournament leader, FM Anas Nazreen Bakri.

Fariz Shafruddin get the second-placed, by winning over Zarul Shazwan with 6 out of 7 points.

Here is the list of the top ten in the event.
1. IM Mas hafizul Hilmi 6.5
2. Fariz Shafruddin 6.0
3. Zarul Shazwan Zullkafli 5.5
4. FM Anas Nazreen Bakri 5.0
5. Abdullah Che Hassan 5.0
6. Abdul Aziz Shukor 5.0
7. Zarul Shafiq Zullkafli 5.0
8. Nor Ilhamuddin 5.0
9. Muhd Aizuddin Che Hassan 5.0
10.Kamalarifin Wahiduddin 5.0

IM Mas Hafizul Hilmi plays his childhood favourite line, Grand Prix Attack against FM Anas Sicilian in the last round.

White: IM Mas Hafizul Hilmi vs Black: FM Anas Nazreen Bakri. White to move.

This is a winning position for the IM. Of course he knows how to exploit the double pawns at c file. A good position for intermediate chess player to learn how to exploit positional advantage.

That's a personal report from me as mindacatur representative. I leave the tournament straightly just after the result of final round out. So, no pictures of the closing ceremony. Bye.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scheduled League of year 2007

Link untuk 3rd MindaCatur Invitational League 2007 telah dimasukkan dalam FIDE Calendar.Klik di sini

Meh laaa join MindaCatur League untuk tahun 2007 nihh..Tak nak merasa jadi Champ ker? Syok ooo. Ramai pemain yang kuat-kuat.Lagi pun hadiah bagus-bagus belaka..Apa-apa pun , rancang la 'schedule' anda untuk bermain dalam liga nii..cuma check Calendar kat bottom page untuk tarikh yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak penganjur pada tahun 2007 nih + clip image untuk jadual liga tersebut disertakan bersama-sama 'posting' ini.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2nd MindaCatur Invitational League 2007

MindaCatur League has become stronger this time. Look at below crosstable.Consider to participate in the next league!? Dare to challenge 2nd League Champion, Kamaluddin Yusof in the 3rd league? So please be prepared !!! Attached:-Pgn files to be downloaded

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Grand Prix Cummulative Points

Just click on its link to see the contents.Thanks.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Braille Chess Video Clip

Braille chess competition was held at the lake side, Tasik Titiwangsa. Tasik Titiwangsa located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and it's scenery is very beautiful. There are a lot of facilities there.

Visit malaysia 2007, celebrating 50 years of Nationhood

One of beautiful giant pictures at the lake side promoting the heritage of malaysian society.

OK, back to the chess tournament.

Event: Braille chess team competition OKU.
Venue: Titiwangsa lake, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 3rd February 2007 (Saturday)
* A team must consists of at leat an OKU.

I forgot the name of both chess players. The blind play very good chess and almot win. But his time left only 2-3 minutes on the clock. I don't know the result of the game. Lastly, enjoy the clip video your self.

Braille Chess - Catur Braille Orang Kurang Upaya

I joined a Braille Chess Team tournament on 3rd february 2007 (Saturday) at Titiwangsa Lake, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This tournament was very special and everybody have to use braille chess set. I took a lot of pictures during the tournament. Please refer to the link below for the pictures in the event. .

The picture showing me and my team members (from right: Shamsuddin, Hasidin and Khairul, 3 person per team) are playing against our opponent. We got 3rd place in the tournament.
The chess set for the blind chess player. Everybody in who join this tournament used the chess set.

I'll post the detail of the tournament, results and clip video of blitz by a blind chess player. very impressive to see how they play during time trouble.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

An alluring attraction...

This has become one of the main subject of MindaCatur organizing committee's discussions to offer for the players in the 2nd Invitational League which had been announced on the last posting.Okay.. here is the deal ..see it's worth participating in the event.