Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday Morning at Lake Garden

Young GMs under training at Lake Garden, KL.

Mindacatur Saturday Night is Back

On Saturday Night, 29th March at 10.30 pm, Mindacatur organized a double round robin blitz tournament. 7 players are playing at UNITEN Bangi. Two spectators also came to give their support, Zambri and Zulkifli Ishak. Before the tournament starts, players play chess and discuss their game. At 10.30 pm the blitz tournament starts.

The tournament won by Mohd Saprin Sabri (8.5 point), 2nd Kamaludin (7), 3rd-5th tied by Shamsol bahrin, Nor Azman and Shamsuddin (6), 6th place Aziz Shukor and last place Aizuddin (Bin Nor Azman).

The prize sponsored by (1st-3rd place only). Thanks a lot to the sponsor.

Mr Sparin Sabri, the champion of the tournament and also as representative from MindaCatur and give the prize to the 2nd place winner, Mr Kamaludin Yusof.

3rd place, Shamsol Bahrin